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Columbus Music Workshop

Jazz Ensemble Performance Schedule

Sunday, July 2
Granville Street Fair

Annual Jazz Jamm
Sunday, July 9

The Columbus Music Workshop (formerly Columbus Music Academy) teaches students of all ages and walks of life how to play musical instruments. The curriculum is clear and concise, with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of learning to read music, counting and the use of proper technique on the instrument you choose to play.

Instructors at CMW are chosen not only for their performance abilities but for their unique capacity to teach musical concepts to students. Abilities such as these are rare in instructors and CMW maintains the highest standards by retaining only the top private teachers in central Ohio.

We take great pride in the fact that all of our teachers are experienced, professional musicians and specialists on their instruments. All of our instructors are full-time performers and teachers. Students taking  lessons at CMW range from children or adults taking beginning lessons, to experienced musicians who want to brush up or expand their skills. Some of the areas of instruction we offer include:

  • piano lessons
  • drum lessons
  • percussions lessons
  • guitar lessons (classical, acoustic, electric)
  • bass guitar lessons
  • violin lessons
  • band instrument lessons
  • viola lessons
  • cello lessons
  • upright bass lessons
  • theory & harmony classes
  • in school programs
  • after school programs

Columbus Music Workshop provides professional music education and support to help individuals achieve their musical goals.


  • Buckeye Band & Strings

    Buckeye Band and Strings is an instrumental music education class designed specifically for homeschooled children who are looking for a fun, educational band or string class in which to play... read more
  • New Horizons Adult Music Program

    New Horizons Music of Central Ohio is the only Columbus franchise for this internationally known and wildly successful music program for adults of all ages who want to learn a musical instrument (woodwind, brass or string) and have a great time doing so...
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  • Jazz Ensembles

    Founded in the fall of 2006, CMA Jazz Ensembles are a mixture of students and faculty of all ages... read more
  • String Ensembles

    The string ensembles at CMA and are composed of violin, viola, cello, bass and guitar players... read more
  • Black Swamp Saxophone Quartet

    The Black Swamp Saxophone Quartet has been presenting unique and exciting performances since its inception in 1986 at Bowling Green State University...
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What can music do for you?

  • For the shy person, it's self expression.
  • For the impulsive, it's a way to channel nervous energy into accomplishment.
  • For the awkward child, it's coordination.
  • For the easily distracted person, it's concentration.
  • For the person who always thought they couldn't, it's perserverance.
  • For the uncertainties in life, music will last a lifetime.

CMW Students who have been selected for elite ensembles!

Gracie Denbow- Youth Philarharmonic of Central Ohio

Alex Downing- Columbus Junior Strings

Erin Beaver- Columbus Junior Strings