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Columbus Music Workshop


Thank you!

Thank you, Jane, for all your teachings, great patience, encouragement, infectious humor and flexibility.

~ Sheryl

Great Programs and Music Process

I want to thank both you [Jane] and Russell for your great programs and music process. John Michael is extremely interested in his pursuit of the Electric Bass and the approach that you both take engage the student. He is excited about the new Jazz band.

~ John Long

Still the Best

My teachers at Berklee are Mike Mangini (worlds fastest drummer), Terri Lee Carington (Herbie Hancocks drummer) and Sergio Belotti winner of the 2005 Drumm off...And you're [Russell Myers] still the best teacher I have ever had...

~ Taylor Pile

Became a Stronger Musician

As someone who started music later than most of my peers, I often felt at a complete disadvantage. But through lessons and participation in groups at CMW, that has completely changed. Focusing on elements such as sight-reading and tone, which have multifaceted benefits that help in all playing environments, I became a much stronger musician.

~ Corey McMahon